F1 Tyco and Modified Round 4 Race Report

The Track

For the July Meet Al had laid out a long fast track that required good top speed from your car to deliver a lap time.

The Track 1

The Track 2



Ray returned from an absence of a couple of months and showing now signs of rust took his third F1 pole of the season. Al lined up second 4.6 laps behind Ray and 1 lap ahead of Tony in third. Nick appeared to have the fastest car of the session but couldn’t deliver the big scores for a position higher than fourth on the grid. Steve lined up fifth ahead of Paul who was struggling to extract enough straight-line speed from his Tyco.


B Final

F1 B Final Drivers

F1 B Final Cars

A super consistent drive from Steve with no offs from the white saw him take a straight forward win from Nick in red and Paul in blue. Nick delivered some more super fast laps but couldn’t match Steve’s consistent pace. Paul was still struggling for top speed and was losing over a second a lap to his rivals.

Race Graph F1 B Final

A Final

F1 A Final Drivers

F1 A Final Cars

Tony got off to a fantastic start in white and held the lead from Ray in red for the first 6 laps laps until an off sent him back to second. Behind them Al in yellow and Steve in blue diced for third for most of the race with Al taking the final step on the podium on the last tour after an off for Steve in the fast esses in the first sector.

Up front Ray was driving perfectly and didn’t leave the track once. Tony had more pace and while he was on the track he was lapping faster than Ray but a few offs over the course of the race left him a lap behind Ray as the checkered flag fell but still with his best F1 finish of the season. Ray’s win makes him the fourth different F1 winner of the season and leaves the championship with the top four separated by just 5 points with 2 rounds remaining!

Race Graph F1 A Final





While the track seemed to work well and have a pleasant rhythm with the F1 cars, it was frantic with the faster Mod cars!

Al’s mod looked on form and despite Ray bettering him on white and blue, Al made up a lot of laps on Ray in red and yellow to take his third Mod pole of the season by 3.4 laps. Nick lined up third ahead of Paul, Tony and Steve.


B Final

Mod B Final Drivers

Mod B Final Cars

After a disappointing Quali session Paul was in his groove for the B final and stormed to victory in the blue lane from Tony in red and Steve in white.

Race Graph Mod B Final

A Final

Mod A Final Drivers

Mod A Final Cars

A hectic opening lap with accidents for all of his competitors, saw a Ray left out front in blue. After starting to lose some of its top speed in Quali, Ray’s car was looking somewhat out of sorts though. He quickly dropped back and decided to retire and lend a hand to the over stretched marshalling team of Tony and Steve. Paul in yellow took the lead fron Ray but an off on lap 9 handed the lead to Al. With almost a lap in hand Al was then able to manage his pace and keep Paul and Nick behind him. At the end of the race Al took the win by 3.6 laps from Paul who was 1.8 laps ahead of Nick.

Race Graph Mod A Final



Thanks to all who attended. Join us for our next race meet which has been confirmed as being on August the 10th.