F1 Tyco and Modified Round 6 Race Report

A damp and dark evening in Yelling formed the backdrop to the F1 and Modified Championship showdowns.

The Track

Al had laid out a long “L” shaped track with a quite technical section at one end.

The Track 2

The Track 3

The Track



Despite going into the final round of the championship with a healthy lead, Ray was possibly suffering from some nerves as Al became the first person to beat Ray to pole in F1 all season. Ray was only 0.7 laps behind Al though with Tony behind him in third. Nick lined up fourth ahead of Steve who completed the grid.


B Final

F1 B Final Drivers

F1 B Final Cars

After a close opening 6 laps, Tony in blue, emerged as the leader of the B final. Nick kept him honest from the yellow lane finishing only 0.6 laps behind Tony with Steve a further 4 laps behind in red.

Race Graph F1 B Final

A Final

F1 A Final Drivers

F1 A Final Cars

Again possibly suffering from some nerves, an early off put Ray on the back foot. Al in red was left battling Tony in white for the lead. A few offs for Tony left Al with a reasonable cushion that he was able to maintain until the end of the race. Tony and Ray had a good battle for second with Tony taking the place 1.4 laps behind Al and 1.2 ahead of Ray.

Race Graph F1 A Final



Despite his slight wobble in the final round Ray claimed his first piece of SCHORC silverware in the form of the Tyco F1 Championship Trophy!



With Paul Rose unable to race due to a migraine, Al had effectively already won the Modified Championship. After a couple of disappointing showings in the last couple of rounds Al was keen to take the championship in style. Despite some teething issues with his recently repaired Porsche, Al duly took his second pole of the evening. A good performance from Tony saw him line up behind Al and ahead of Ray, Nick and Steve.


B Final

Mod B Final Drivers

Mod B Final Cars

A consistent drive by Ray in red saw him take the B final win. Nick in yellow ran him close in the early stages of the race before dropping back and scrapping with Steve in blue. Nick finished just under five laps behind Ray and just over a lap ahead of Steve.

Race Graph Mod B Final

A Final

Mod A Final Drivers

Mod A Final Cars

Al got off the line well in red and was able to deploy slightly more pace than Tony in blue and Ray in white to gradually ease away from them. A few offs for Ray dropped him back behind Tony and that order remained until the end of the race with Al taking the win by just under 4 laps from Tony with Ray a further 3 laps back.

Al won the Modified Championship for the fifth straight year and also took the combined F1 and Modified Championship.

Race Graph Mod A Final



Thanks to all who attended and congratulations to both Champions! Our final race of this season is on Wednesday the 2nd of December and we’re hosting the next THORL round on December the 5th.