Micro Scalextric Club Class and Super F1 Round 6 Race Report

Five racers gathered in Yelling for the final club night of the 2015 season.

The Track

Al had laid out an interesting track with a tight and tricky first complex and faster more sweeping section at the end of the lap.

The Track 2

The Track

Micro Scalextric Club Class


Champion elect Paul took his fourth Micro Scalextric pole of the season by 1.6 laps from Al. Nick was third a further 0.6 laps behind Al with Ray fourth followed by Tony.

20151203 MSSC Q

B Final

MSCC Drivers B Final

Nick in Yellow was initially hounded by Tony in blue, while Ray started off on the back foot with a couple of early offs. Ray soon got into his groove though and overhauled Tony who seemed to be struggling to keep things consistent in blue. Up front Nick was absolutely pounding around and he took the win and the highest score of the class with a mighty 38.1 laps.

Race Graph MSSC B Final

A Final

MSCC Drivers A Final

After hopping up to the tricky blue lane, Nick probably had fairly low expectations for the A final but early on he found himself challenging Paul in yellow for the lead. Tony had whispered some tips for the blue car in Nick’s ear, and they seemed to be doing the trick. Al was struggling in red and worse his car seemed to be constantly taking Paul’s out if the entered any of the circuits tighter bends together. With Paul frustrated by the series of accidents Nick sailed on to take the win and fastest lap of the class.

Despite the frustration, Paul won the Micro Scalextric Championship for the fourth year in succession.

Race Graph MSSC A Final

20151203 MSSC F

20151203 MSSC BL

Super F1


Perhaps buoyed by his success in the previous class, Nick set the highest scores in all but one of the lanes and took his first Super F1 pole of the season. Ray was 1.5 laps behind Nick with Tony a further 5 laps back in third. Al lined up fourth ahead of Paul in fifth.

20151203 SF1 Q

B Final

SF1 Drivers B Final

SF1 Cars B Final

Tony made a good start in yellow and held the early lead of the B Final after early offs for Paul in blue and Al in white. Al was soon on Tony’s tail though and the two raced hard for the lead for much of the final. Paul wasn’t happy with his car which seemed to drop of the pace before he retired it on lap 25. A series of offs for Tony at the end of the race allowed Al to take the win and hop up to the A final.

Race Graph SF1 B Final

A Final

SF1 Drivers A Final

SF1 Cars A Final

The white lane didn’t seem to suit Al’s car and he was soon a distant third in the A final behind Ray in red and Nick in blue. A few offs for Nick left Ray with a substantial lead, but a long off for Ray bought Nick right back into contention and gave him a small lead. Ray slowly closed the gap up again before another off dropped him back. Ray set about closing down the gap yet again but ran out of time and Nick finished just a single tenth ahead of him taking his first ever double win.

Nick’s win put him level on points with Ray in the championship but Nick’s single win meant that he was the championship winner! Al did just enough to claim the combined Micro Scalextric Club Class and Super F1 championship by a single point from Ray.

Race Graph SF1 A Final

20151203 SF1 F

20151203 SF1 BL

Congratulations to the Paul, Nick and Al and thanks to all who attended. Join us for the start of our 2016 season which kicks off on January 6th!