F1 Tyco and Modified Round 1 Race Report

The Track

To mark 25 years of HO club racing in the UK, we joined WHO, CHORC and DHORC in running the same track that CHORC used for their first meeting in 1991, albeit without the banked corners. The final complex of the track complete with the very tight Pepsi chicane looked likely to be unpopular but as it turned out, when approached with the required level of caution it wasn’t too bad. A bridge is always a bit of fun too, and the Dulux Bridge didn’t disappoint.

The Track

The Track 2

The Pepsi Chicane

The Dulux Bridge



Ray continued his run of F1 poles taking the first of this year by 1.5 laps from Nick. Tony was a further 1.3 laps behind in third, ahead of Al, Steve and Paul who had been suffering with a migraine and car troubles.


C Final

F1 C Final Drivers

F1 C Final Cars

Clearly feeling better, Paul in blue held the lead of the C Final for the duration of the race, Steve in red kept him honest throughout and finished just two tenths behind.

Race Graph F1 C Final

B Final

F1 B Final Drivers

F1 B Final Cars

Al in blue took the early lead of the B Final from the blue lane. A long off dropped him behind Paul in red and with Paul apparently having a bit more pace than Al, that was that. Tony in white rolled in third after struggling with his car.

Race Graph F1 B Final

A Final

F1 A Final Drivers” />

F1 A Final Cars

A good threeway battle was the opening to the A final. Paul was the first to fall from the white leane before an uncharacteristic off from Ray in blue gave Nick the lead in red. Nick kept his head and pounded round to take the his first F1 win, the highest score of the night and his third club win in a row!

Race Graph F1 A Final





With a fresh set of pickups fitted to his MR1, Ray duly took his first Mod pole by 2.4 laps from Al who had failed to get to grips with the white and blue lanes. Paul was third ahead of Nick, Steve and Tony. Steve and Tony were running historic Tyco 440X2 cars prepared by Tony to further mark the occasion.


C Final

Mod C Final Drivers

Mod C Final Cars

Tony held a narrow early lead from the yellow lane before an off handed Steve in red the lead. Steve kept it clean and took the win by half a lap after a very close race.

Race Graph Mod C Final

B Final

Mod B Final Drivers

Mod B Final Cars

Paul in blue took a fairly straightforward win from Nick in white and Steve in red.

Race Graph Mod B Final

A Final

Mod A Final Drivers

Mod A Final Cars

A crash a turn one on the first lap for Al in yellow put him straight into third and on the back foot, a position he never recovered from. Paul in blue narrowly held the lead from Ray in red for the majority of the race but an off on lap 26 for Paul put Ray in front. Ray went on to take his first Mod win and the highest score of the evening.

Race Graph Mod A Final



Congratulations to Nick and Ray on their fine wins and thanks to all who attended!