Micro Scalextric Club Class and Super F1 Round 1 Race Report

The Track

A chilly February evening in Yelling played host to the first round of Micro Scalextric Club Class and Super F1. Al had laid out a fairly wiggly track with a couple of 6 inch bends thrown in for good measure. Tony had freshly serviced the club Micro XJ220s and they were raring to go.

The Track 1

The Track 2

New for this year are “Autosport” style race graphs which show the gap to the average race pace of the leader. Hopefully they show more detail of what happened in a race compared to our old style race graphs.

Micro Scalextric Club Class


Al took pole by 2.5 laps from reigning champion Paul who wasn’t 100% happy with the freshly serviced Jaguars for some reason. Nick lined up third just over a lap behind Paul and nearly two laps ahead Ray. Tony took the fifth spot on the grid ahead of Steve.


B Final

MSCC B Final Drivers

Ray in white took the early lead of the B Final, gradually pulling away from Steve in red and Tony in yellow. Tony showed some great pace in the middle of the race and passed Steve for 2nd place but a few offs sent him back to third while Ray took the win.

Race Graph MSCC B Final

A Final

MSCC A Final Drivers

Paul in yellow was initially out front in the A final with Nick in white hot on his heels. An early off on the second lap for Al left him trailing in last place, however an off for Ray in blue and then Nick promoted Al to second. Al had the hammer down too and he was slowly reeling in Paul. As the gap came down below a half a second Paul binned it and gave Al the lead. Al went on to take the win by just over a lap from Paul. Ray took the final step on the podium by just a three tenths of a lap from Nick.

Race Graph MSCC A Final



Super F1


Ray and his Super G+ took pole by just under a lap from Al and his SRT. Tony and his Super G+ lined up third ahead of Nick and Steve. Paul lined up last after largely writing off Quali due to a series of issues with his Mega G.


B Final

SF1 B Final Drivers

SF1 B Final Cars

Nick took a straight forward win from the red lane in the B final. Paul retired on the third lap from the blue lane and Steve in white couldn’t match Nick’s pace.

Race Graph SF1 B Final

A Final

SF1 A Final Drivers

SF1 A Final Cars

Al briefly had the early lead of the A final from the white lane before a big off sent him back to fourth. Ray in blue then went rocketing off in the lead. Al could just about match his pace in white but Ray had 2 laps in hand. Tony in red was struggling for consistency and had to settle for fourth place behind Nick in third. Up front a couple of late offs for Ray used up most of his two lap cushion and he finished just four tenths of a lap ahead of Al.

Race Graph SF1 A Final



Thanks to all who attended. Join us on March the 2nd for F1 and Mod!