F1 Tyco and Modified Round 2 Race Report

A chilly March evening played host to the second round of the F1 and Mod Championships. Six SCHORC regulars were joined by Matt who was trying out HO club racing for the first time.

The Track

Al had laid out a fairly fast track which had a smattering of tight bends and a cheeky chicane to keep things interesting.

The Track 1

The Track 2



With strong scores across all four lanes, no one was surprised to see Ray on pole. Al lined up behind him having scored 3 fewer laps. Paul took the third spot a further half lap behind Al and nearly two laps ahead of Nick in fourth. Nick set the highest single score of quali with a mighty 41.8 in the blue lane was was also the only one to set a sub 4 second lap. Steve lined up fifth ahead of Tony and Matt. Matt seemed to be enjoying himself and was setting some respectable lap times while working on his consistency.


B Final

F1 B Final Drivers

F1 B Final Cars

After his impressive work in the blue lane in quali, it was no surprise that Nick took a fairly straightfoward victory in the B Final while also improving on what was to be the fastest F1 lap of the night. Behind him Steve in white made a good start and ran P2 until a big off on lap 3 sent him to the back of the field where he was to remain. After a shaky start for Tony in red he found himself running in second with Matt in yellow behind him. After a few troubled mid race laps Tony dropped back to P3 and left Matt running in P2. After that Tony seemed to get his groove back and passed Matt to claim second place.

Race Graph F1 B Final

A Final

F1 A Final Drivers

F1 A Final Cars

A good start for Paul in yellow saw him hold the early lead of the A final from Nick in white, Al in blue and Ray in red. After a series of offs, Nick dropped back and decided to retire. An off for Paul on lap 8 handed Al the lead which he held until lap 21 when a big off left him third. Paul retook the lead and managed to peg the gap to a hard charging Ray behind him. Paul was able to hold that lead despite a late off that luckily followed a larger off for Ray on the previous lap. Paul duly took his first win of 2016 by just over a lap from Ray.

Race Graph F1 A Final





Following a screenwash flush of its motor, Al’s Mod was looking quite formidable and he took pole by a fairly comfortable margin of 7.2 laps from Paul. Ray lined up third ahead of Nick, Matt and Steve.


C Final

Mod C Final Drivers

Matt in blue had a reasonable pace advantage over Steve in yellow but a number of offs kept the race quite interesting and in the end Matt took the win from Steve by just a matter of a foot!

Race Graph Mod C Final

B Final

Mod B Final Drivers

Mod B Final Cars

Ray in red took the win in the B final from the red lane. Behind him Nick in blue and Matt in white had an interesting battle with P2 changing hands several times over the course of the race. In the end Nick triumphed but Matt should be pleased with his progress after setting his highest score of the evening in his final race.

Race Graph Mod B Final

A Final

Mod A Final Drivers

Mod A Final Cars

The A Final was a frantic affair with Al in red holding the early lead with Paul in blue just 3 seconds behind him and still on the lead lap. Ray in the hop up white lane couldn’t match their pace and was dropping back from the leaders at a rate of around 0.15s per lap. A big off for Al on lap 21 handed Paul the lead. Al was only a fraction of a second behind Paul though and gradually closed him in until he was running right behind Paul. Perhaps feeling the pressure, an off for Paul on lap 34 handed the lead back to Al. Only a few laps later however Al binned it and found Paul running around neck and neck with him again. Al breathed a sigh of relief after Paul lost it on lap 47 and he managed to hold onto the lead despite a final off in the last few moments of the race.

Despite all the action, over the course of the race Al and Paul were never more than a lap apart!

Race Graph Mod A Final



Congratulations to both winners and thanks to all who attended. Join us for our next club night on April the 6th.