Micro Scalextric Club Class and Super F1 Round 2 Race Report

A bright spring evening saw 6 SCHORCers gather for an evening of fast paced racing.

The Track

Al had laid out a handling track the rewarded commitment through a series of fast bends.

The Track 1

The Track 2

Micro Scalextric Club Class


Big scores across all four lanes saw Quick Nick claim pole position by 1.2 laps from Paul. Al lined up third 3.1 laps ahead of Ray who had pipped Tony to the fourth grid slot by just two tenths of a lap. Matt finished off the order but was less than a lap behind Tony and clearly getting better and better as the evening went on.


C Final

MSCC C Final Drivers

After a tentative opening lap, Tony started to motor in the yellow lane. Matt in red wasn’t far behind him though until an off on lap 8 dropped him back. A couple of offs for Tony kept the race interesting but in the end he took the win by just over a lap.

Race Graph MSCC C Final

B Final

MSCC B Final Drivers

An ambitious first lap for Al in red saw him throw his car off the table and under some chairs in the corner of the hall. The car was recovered during a track call that only left him a lap back. Pushing hard to try and make up the lost ground Al came off again and again leaving him a distant third. Tony in white initially had the edge on Ray in Yellow. A few mid race offs for Tony saw Ray sweep by and take the win by two laps.

Race Graph MSCC B Final

A Final

MSCC A Final Drivers

Paul got off to a good start in Yellow and suffering from just a single off halfway through the race, took a straight forward win from Nick in Red and Ray in white. On his way to victory Paul racked up the highest lap score with a mighty 40.2 and a fastest lap of 4.200. Looking over his shoulder, the reigning champion may have noticed that new member Matt’s fastest lap of 4.272 was only 72 thousands of a second off his own…

Race Graph MSCC A Final



Super F1


The track clearly suited the SRT chassis with Al and Nick taking the first two grid slots with their SRTs. Ray and his SG+ lined up third ahead of Tony in fourth. Matt lined up fifth ahead of Paul who had been tinkering with his Mega G throughout Quali and generally going for the fastest lap rather than a good grid position.


C Final

SF1 C Final Drivers

SF1 C Final Cars

Despite or perhaps because of all his tinkering, Paul’s car refused to move off the line on the warm up lap. Al lent Paul one of his Mega Gs and with one of Paul’s axles it proved to be quite a beast. Paul almost instantly set a new fastest lap and proceeded to romp off in the blue lane to take the highest score of the night with 49.5 laps. Poor Matt in white could do little against such a machine but again finished with some great laptimes and scores.

Race Graph SF1 C Final

B Final

SF1 B Final Drivers

SF1 B Final Cars

Paul hopped up into the blue lane again but got off to a shaky start. However it wasn’t long before Paul had passed Tony in Yellow and then Ray in red. Paul went on to take the win by just a whisker under 2 laps from Ray with Tony nearly seven laps further back.

Race Graph SF1 B Final

A Final

SF1 A Final Drivers

SF1 A Final Cars

By this point Al was questioning his decision to lend Paul his chassis. With Paul again in the blue lane he once again scampered off in the lead. Behind him Al in red and Nick in white spent the first three laps with little between them. An off for Nick left Al fruitlessly chasing after Paul until Al binned it and then apparently decided to settle for second. Over the middle portion of the race Paul gradually eased out his lead while Al began to build a cushion to Nick. A huge off for Al on lap 34 wiped out his cushion to Nick and sent him down to third place though. Offs for both Nick and Al three laps later left Al slightly closer and he gradually reeled Nick in over the remainder of the race. The race ended with Paul taking another comfortable win while behind him both Al and Nick finished off the track with Al just a whisker ahead.

Race Graph SF1 A Final



Thanks to all who attended. Join us on May the 4th for Round 3 of our Tyco F1 and Modified Championships.